1st Annual General Meetings (AGM’s) for Developers of Residential Strata Properties should be held within 3 months of registration of the strata plan to ensure sales documentation provides information to purchasers

  • Meet your obligations prior to sale. Ensure your settlements are ‘pain free’
  • With our assistance your “first” general meeting can be simplified
  • Ensure a budget is set for the first year of operation 

Creating a Budget for Financial Management of a Strata Complex

  • The ability to identify annual maintenance items e.g. lift, electrical safety, pool
  • All general maintenance items to be considered within the budget
  • For future maintenance items you need to ensure an amount is set aside for upgrading and replacement (possible sinking fund/reserve levy)
  • Adequate insurance importantly is in place and covers all risks including buildings, public liability and contractors & office holder’s insurance
  • Consider registered by-laws and Management statements
  • Prepare ‘Disclosure by Original Proprietor sales documentation Form 28’