To advise and support the strata council.

To ensure the complex is well-managed to protect your asset and increase the market value of the properties.  


  • Management of established Strata Companies
  • Calling an AGM for owners of strata title properties
  • Setting an agenda for meetings  Creating a budget for financial management of the strata complex
  • Chairing meetings on behalf of the property owners if required
  • Taking minutes and the timely distribution of copies to owners
  • Arranging insurance on the strata buildings
  • Maintenance of accurate financial records
  • Collection of levies and pursuing outstanding levies
  • Arranging maintenance and quotes for repairs/upgrades to common property
  • Payment of accounts following approval by owners
  • Banking and managing owners trust funds in individual accounts
  • Council of Owner meetings – providing advice/secretarial service
  • Guiding owners on governance of the Strata Titles Act 1985
  • Communication – your time is valuable
  • All phone calls and email transmissions will be responded to promptly

Management of Established Strata Companies

An experienced firm ‘hands on’ approach to management by proprietors who value the relationship of the representative Strata Council and work harmoniously alongside them.

Calling an AGM for Owners of Strata Title Properties

  • Preparing
  • Setting the date of the AGM allowing postage time for issue of documents to owners according to the Strata Title Act 1985
  • The financial statement preparation/budgeting and arranging quotes for upcoming maintenance works
  • General business to be considered on the agenda, including Insurance  
  • Appointment of Strata Manager
  • Proposal for an adequate levy to cover budgeted items
  • Sinking fund discussion – for major works required in the future

Setting the Agenda for the Meeting

  • Liaise with Council of Owners chairman
  • Compile agenda items as agreed
  • Arrange quotes for presentation at the meeting and circulate proposal for any works with the notice of meeting to all owners for their information and decision making

Chairing Meetings on Behalf of Property Owners             

  • Accompany owners on an inspection of common areas prior to the AGM
  • Being aware of voting rights of proprietors
  • Ensuring proxies are noted and correct
  • Attending to the register of lot owners present
  • Consideration of the unit entitlement of attendees relative to agenda items
  • Ensure owners collective interests are maintained through good communication
  • Taking minutes and providing secretarial assistance at the AGM
  • Secretarial services can be provided for Council of Owner meetings if requested
  • Ensure all meeting decisions are actioned within a timely manner 

Arranging insurances

  • Liaise with owners regarding valuation of the property (consider a licensed valuation to support adequate insurance covers)
  • Advise owners of specialised strata insurance available by obtaining competitive quotes

Maintain financial records

  • Strata Master software for Management is the accounting package of choice used to ensure up to the minute accounting, banking of owners funds and recording of creditors and debtors

Collection of Levies

  • Online banking options are available for deposit of levies directly into the Macquarie Bank system
  • Automatic ‘interest’ payable on any outstanding levies ensures a well-run financial outcome


  • All maintenance quotes are referred to the council of owners for instruction on works required and approval of that expenditure
  • Ensure owners take responsibility for all works carried out on the property as the financial matters are controlled by owners of the Strata Company not the manager
  • The Strata manager cannot authorise work unless directed by the owners council